Svalbard Explorer & Wildlife Adventure

From beginning to end, an amazing and wonderful trip. It’s rare to meet a company and guides who are so dedicated to giving their clients the best experience possible. Sue and Henrik are passionate about the Arctic and it shows. They are also extremely knowledgeable and experienced – and an absolute joy to spend 11 days with. I have not one single complaint. MS Sjøveien was a very comfortable, lovely boat to travel on. I believe that Thomas’ cooking is legendary at this point – for good reason – and the staff was kind, thoughtful and good humored throughout. I have only great things to say about this cruise and company! Would I recommend this trip? I already have! And will continue to do so because it stands out from all the others.

Deborah Greene

Svalbard Explorer & Wildlife Adventure

Svalbard. Stunningly beautiful, stark, treeless landscapes, glaciers, ice sheets, all making for spectacular scenery. And then there’s the wildlife. Some scenes straight out of a David Attenborough documentary, bird cliffs with populations in excess of 100,000 individuals, mobs of walrus, Arctic foxes, seals, reindeer and, of course, polar bears. Who could ask for more?
Travelling on Sjøveien was the perfect way to see Svalbard, comfortable, friendly and with all the benefits of a small ship and a small group. Capable of getting to places the large cruise ship owners could only dream about, and with highly competent and friendly crew, we were very privileged. Did I mention the food? Great meals every time, thank you Thomas.
Tour guides Henrik and Sue were outstanding, extremely knowledgeable and communicative, friendly and helpful when it was needed, without being overbearing and always willing to share their knowledge.
There was another positive. Once away from the main population centres we had the place almost to ourselves, rarely seeing another ship or person, wonderful! The remote Arctic as it should be. My only regret was that with 24 hours of daylight there were times when I had to sleep and couldn’t be outside!
Many thanks Henrik, Sue and Sjøveien Crew, I will never forget my time in Svalbard. Definitely highly recommended.

David Edgecombe

Madagascar – A Lost World

Thanks for such a great trip. I really enjoyed it and haven’t stopped talking about it. Your itinerary was really great and I really appreciated all your assistance and the effort you (and Guy) put in to making sure what I ate was safe for me. Everything worked very smoothly but I know that was due to the work you put into managing things in the background. I think it is one of the best trips that I have been on.

Jenni Shipp

Ladakh to Kashmir Overland Journey

Thanks for organising a great trip!
Our guide Pankaj and driver Jaigdip(?) Singh were excellent and took great care of our comfort and safety on the eventful trip from Chandigargh to Manali, providing us with plenty of water and snacks.
Their concern and courtesy arranging my ‘washroom’ needs was much appreciated!
All the scenery was magnificent and Ladakh well worth our wait and the travel there.
The roads and the traffic was a great lesson in courtesy and safe vehicle management by all drivers.
The steady acclimatisation in travelling by car no doubt contributed to our not experiencing any altitude/mountain sickness problems.
All the hotels while obviously very varied we found good and enjoyable – the Sten-Dal in Diskit particularly so.

Alison & David Smith

Svalbard Explorer & Wildlife Adventure

I have been very fortunate in having many travel opportunities and not least of all the Svalbard Archipelago with Adventure Associates. This amazing adventure was truly packed with all you would wish for; from spectacular scenery, fascinating wildlife and the coziness of a small ship which also enabled one to navigate where larger vessels couldn’t venture. I can still hear the walrus frolicking and talking to each other under the water – so many wonderful memories. Many many thanks to the Tour Guides Henrik & Sue and the Sjøveien Crew. If it wasn’t for my thirst to see somewhere not yet ventured I would love to experience this trip again – perhaps next year!

Margie Chard

Madagascar – A Lost World

We would like to commend Sue on her super organisation of our recent tour of Madagascar. It was an exceptional month away, leaving us with a humble respect for the Malagasy people. Thank you Sue we are grateful for the detailed itinerary which exposed us to such a variety of experiences, scenery, wildlife and providing such knowledgeable guides and helpful and safe drivers. You went above & beyond.

Annette & John Eldershaw

Madagascar – A Lost World

We had a terrific wonderful time in Madagascar.
We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Henrik is a fantastic person
We were very well looked after and god willing the weather was good.

Muru & Val Ganapathi