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We can help design an itinerary tailor-made to suit your tastes and budget. Every stage of your Madagascar Tailor-Made journey will be carefully planned, from hand-picked accommodation that’s just right for you, to memorable activities which cover both the must-sees as well as more offbeat experiences, all brought to life by our amazing guides. 

For a true adventurer, a Madagascar tour is a necessity. Few places on Earth offer the scope and diversity of Madagascar – a stunning island off the south-east coast of Africa which affords a unique treasure trove of flora and fauna and an often-overlooked cultural legacy stretching back two millennia.

Home to some 5% of the world’s known animal and plant species, including a staggering 60% of all chameleon species, lemur, fossa and six endemic species of Baobab trees, Madagascar is arguably one of the most ecologically unique countries on Earth, and as a result of its separation from the Indian subcontinent 88 million years ago – stands as the oldest island on the planet.

Our Madagascar holidays explore these staggering landscapes of rainforest, white beaches, coral reefs, mountains and highland massif, all the while delving into the fascinating Malagasy culture and attempting to glimpse some of the country’s famous wildlife. Although its infrastructure can still be a challenge, the rewards for the traveller are bountiful, and for those willing to get off the beaten track, many of those rewards cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

No conversation about Madagascar would be complete without at least mentioning its most famous resident, the lemur. There are over a hundred different species of lemurs on Madagascar, from the indri, which is the largest, to the ring-tailed, the most famous, and then to the Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur, the smallest. These amazing creatures have adapted to all of Madagascar’s environments, from the alien limestone forests of Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, to the jungles of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park.

Not every visit to Madagascar is all about the wildlife, however, and although humans only arrived on the island permanently less than 2,000 years ago, the variety of cultures and influences from Arabia, Southeast Asia, Africa and even Europe, can clearly be seen in today’s vibrant Malagasy culture. On our Madagascar tours, we will meet some of these amazing people, like the Mikea, forest dwelling hunter gatherers whose lifestyle has remained almost unchanged in millennia. Or, the famous Zafimanary ship builders whose legendary skills have seen them inscribed on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Any traveller should also take some time to explore Madagascar’s surprisingly cosmopolitan capital of Antananarivo, a real focal point for the melting pot that is modern Madagascar.

So come and discover extraordinary Madagascar for yourself on an outstanding tailor-made tour just for you.

  • Seeing the spiny forests and the amazing flora of the south
  • Exploring the National Park of Isalo, known as the Malagasy Colorado
  • Searching for the Golden bamboo lemurs in the rainforest of Ranomafana NP
  • Walking through the Avenue of Baobabs at sunset
  • Visiting the dry deciduous forest of Kirindy and hopefully seeing a Fossa or two
  • Wondering around the Tsingy de Bemaraha with its spectacular rock formations
  • Amber Mountain NP known for its endemic flora and fauna, waterfalls and crater lakes 
  • Ankarana NP, with its grey Tsingy of limestones pinnacles, canyons and caves 
  • The Red Tsingy hides plentiful secrets of nature for you to unveil
  • Andasibe NP, known for its rare orchids and the Indri Indri
  • Cruising in the Pangalanes canal, a chain of sweet water lakes and lagoons parallel to the Indian Ocean
  • To come face to face with one of the rarest creatures on the planet the elusive Aye Aye

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Tana (Antananarivo) – Madagascar

April to December

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Mana Razafy

Mana was born in a little village called Mevarano. Sadly he lost his parents 
at an early age and was sent to Tana to work for a family, who also sent him to school. He saved his money, bought a book and cassette-tape and taught himself to speak English. After passing his Bachelor degree he did his National Service at twenty. When he returned, he completed a Master’s Degree in Management at the University of Antananarivo. Mana started his career in Tourism in 1999. He gained great knowledge about the flora, wildlife, history and the environment, which gives him much pleasure to pass on to his guests. When he is not touring he enjoys playing music, spending time with his family and teaching karate to the orphan children in his village.

Anglin Razafimantsoa

Anglin grow up in Joffre Ville Madagascar at the base of Amber Mountain National Park and is where his love of the natural world began.
He studied hard and completed his secondary schooling and in 1994 he completed a National Tourism course in guiding. He also had the opportunity to work with researches from the University of Michigan who worked on a book called “biodiversity of reptiles and amphibians of Madagascar”.
In 2003 Anglin was again approached by a German company to assist and work on another two books, “A Field guide of the amphibians and reptiles of Madagascar”and “Lemurs of Madagascar”.
Anglin speaks two dialects of Malagasy and is fluent in English and French. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music and taking great pleasure in advising young teens in the community about future career opportunities.

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